Parallel link tracking function on client side

The tool allows you to create tracking links without redirects or reduce the number of redirects.

 Instead of sequentially navigating through the chain of sites, the user is immediately sent the advertiser's website, and the target actions are tracked in parallel in the background.

The tool is currently presented as an API. In order to use the parallel tracking tool, you need to add the prefix '/ prl /' in the tracking links you plan to use and send a request from your server.

Normal track Link -
Link for parallel tracking -

When you send a request to a server will return a JSON with a link.

Sample answer:


Attention: In order to use this tool successfully, make sure that the "Source" you used to create the tracking link is the same as the "Website" in your sources catalog -  meaning the domain coincides with the domain from which the request will be sent.

For example, the Source of the tracking link is the domain "". When trying to use parallel tracking API from another domain, the server response will look like this:

{"url":"https:\/\/\/5c3c1da520e67","error":"Domain is not allowed to use parallel tracking feature for link #5c3c1da520e67"}

Attention: For using parallel tracking on server-side you have to add your server IP address to whitelist.


Note: This tool is not available for all offers. In some cases, the server response will be:

{"url":"https:\/\/\/5c3c1da520e67","error":"Parallel tracking feature is not allowed for this offer"}

As you can see, in case of a problem, the response will simply contain a regular tracking link.

Important: The request should be made every time the user clicks on your tracking link. It is not allowed to store responses in the cache.

Important: There is an ability to provide user IP address using custom header X-Request-IP.